4,781 Shortcuts

Shortcuts are a way to power up your searches and make TogaSearch a one-stop shop for all of your online searching. There are currently thousands of Shortcuts, including Google, Wikipedia, and Amazon. We are adding more Shortcuts every day and building an option for you to submit or request Shortcuts for your favorite sites.

To use a Shortcut, search the prefix followed by your search term. For example, to search for something on Google, you can type "!g something" into the search box on the main page to be quickly taken to the Google search page.

Please remember that by using a Shortcut, you are being redirected to a third-party site, which may have a different stance on privacy and may track data about that search. If you want to take advantage of TogaSearch's privacy layer, please see Deep Searches.

Prefix Website
!i Images
!n News
!g Google
!w Wikipedia
!a Amazon
!b Bing
!y Yahoo!
!short Search all !shortcuts
!shortcut Search all !shortcuts
!shortcuts Search all !shortcuts
!deep Search all :deep searches
!deepsearch Search all :deep searches
!deepsearches Search all :deep searches
!search TogaSearch
!tsearch TogaSearch
!togasearch TogaSearch
!toga TogaTech Home Page
!music TogaTech Ignite Music
!lat KabirWearsAToga Latin Dictionary
!kabirwearsatoga KabirWearsAToga Latin Dictionary
!countdown Countdown by TogaTech
!codetools TogaTech CodeTools
!presents Presents by TogaTech
!election TogaTech US Presidential Election
!status TogaTech Status
!pics Images
!imgs Images
!img Images
!il Images
!image Images
!images Images
!news News
!gmail Gmail
!gmail1 Gmail /u/1
!gmail2 Gmail /u/2
!gmail3 Gmail /u/3
!gmail4 Gmail /u/4
!drive Google Drive
!drive1 Google Drive /u/1
!drive2 Google Drive /u/2
!drive3 Google Drive /u/3
!drive4 Google Drive /u/4
!gdrive Google Drive
!gdrive1 Google Drive /u/1
!gdrive2 Google Drive /u/2
!gdrive3 Google Drive /u/3
!gdrive4 Google Drive /u/4
!blex sBlender Stack Exchange
!ascl ASCL.net Astrophysics Source Code Library
!bbjs Babylon.js documentation
!jbo The Logical Language Group Online Dictionary
!uom University of Manchester
!dotnetapi .NET API
!dnab .NET API Browser
!netapi .NET API Browser
!netcore2api .NET API Browser - .NET Core 2.0
!bant /bant/ archives
!4chn /n/ archives
!askreddit /r/AskReddit
!gfycatdepot /r/GfycatDepot
!cstrade /r/globaloffensivetrade
!gotrade /r/globaloffensivetrade
!me_irl /r/me_irl
!tgs /tg/station 13 Wiki
!01net 01net
!0to255 0to255
!1001fonts 1001 Fonts
!1001 1001boom
!cktl 1001cocktails
!101 101 Domain
!101domain 101domain
!11freunde 11 Freunde
!1122 1122
!11870 11870
!canopener 11foot8.com
!14 14-tage-wettervorhersage.de
!140 140journos
!15min 15min naujienos
!15mpedia 15Mpedia
!17t 17TRACK
!180 180.no
!1881 1881.no
!1c 1cak
!1d4chan 1d4chan
!1gabba 1gabba
!1mg 1mg
!dibs 1st Dibs
!1und1 1und1
!20m 20 Minutes
!24au 24au.ru
!24matins 24matins
!24sessions 24sessions
!27crags 27crags
!2b2t 2b2t wiki
!2dehands 2dehands.be
!2eme 2ememain
!2ememain 2ememain.be
!2gis 2gis.ru
!2nn 2NN
!2pl 2player.com
!2xmc 2xmoinscher
!34travel 34travel.me
!35c3 35C3 Wiki
!360app 360androidapp
!360 360skate.com
!3bm 3Bmeteo
!3da 3dagogo
!3dbrew 3DBrew
!3dj 3DJuegos
!3druck 3Druck.com
!3gpp 3GPP Technical Specification
!3tailer 3tailer
!4 4 Fitness Rules
!401games 401 Games
!42 42 Intra
!47 47 News
!4chan 4chan
!4g 4chan - /g/ - Technology
!4cha 4chan /a/ board
!4_b 4chan /b/
!4chrandom 4chan /b/ board
!4ga 4chan /g/ archive
!4ch 4chan Board
!4chanb 4chan Boards
!4chc 4chan Catalog
!4chfa 4chan fashion board
!4chint 4chan international board
!4chmu 4chan music board
!4chr9k 4chan robot board
!4chg 4chan technology board
!4chv 4chan video games board
!4chnews 4chan's /news/ board
!4cvg 4chan, /vg/
!4chsearch 4chansearch
!4pda 4pda
!4players 4players
!4pl 4players
!4plebs 4plebs Archive
!4shared 4shared
!4sound 4Sound
!4x4community 4x4 Community
!4x4direct 4x4 Direct
!500px 500px
!500 500px
!2channel 5channel
!5channel 5channel
!6pm 6pm.com
!750g 750g
!7digital 7digital
!7digitalno 7digital Norway
!7switch 7switch
!7tv 7TV
!80k 80,000 hours
!8020 80/20
!800 800notes.com
!89.9 89.9 LightFM
!8a 8a.nu
!8chc 8chan Board Catalogs
!8chb 8chan Boards
!8tracks 8tracks
!91 91 mobiles
!tab 911 Tabs
!911s 911 Tabs Songs
!911 911tabs
!99quotes 99 Quotes
!990 990 Search Foundation Center
!999 999.md
!9g 9gag
!9gag 9gag
!9 9pp.co
!95g 9to5Google
!95google 9to5Google
!95mac 9to5Mac
!hardocp [H]ardOCP
!asearchoficeandfire A Search of Ice and Fire
!asoiaf A Wiki of Ice and Fire
!awoiaf A Wiki of Ice and Fire
!asapsupplies A.S.A.P. Supplies
!av A.V. Club
!awad A.Word.A.Day
!aaa AAA
!aub Aalborg Universitetsbibliotek
!afinna aalto.finna.fi
!aam AAM
!aamulehti Aamulehti
!aard AardWiki
!aakb Aarhus Bibliotekerne
!abadise Abadis English to Persian dictionary
!abadisf Abadis Persian to English dictionary
!abandonia Abandonia
!abb ABB
!abbott Abbott
!standsfor Abbreviations
!abbr Abbreviations.com
!abbuc Abbuc e.V.
!ab-er Abbyy Dictionary En-Ru
!abcau ABC Australia
!abcam Abcam
!abcgames ABCgames.cz
!abcnews ABCNews
!abc Abcnotation
!abcnotation Abcnotation.com
!abcya Abcya
!abe Abe's Market
!abebooks Abebooks
!abeuk Abebooks uk
!abebooksde AbeBooks.de
!anf Abercrombie & Fitch
!abshire Aberdeenshire council
!abfahrt Abfahrtsplan Deutsche Bahn
!abiunity Abiunity
!abn ABN Lookup
!about About.com
!ay AboutYou
!ats Above Top Secret
!abuseip AbuseIPDB
!amz Amazon
!asin Amazon ASIN
!amglobal Amazon GLOBAL
!amalexa Amazon Alexa Skills Search Page
!aau Amazon Australia
!a.at Amazon Austria
!aa Amazon Automotive
!amzbks Amazon Books
!abr Amazon Brazil
!ca Amazon Canada
!amcloud Amazon Cloud
!azd Amazon Germany
!ama Amazon Germany
!a.es Amazon Spanish
!azf Amazon French
!fresh Amazon Fresh
!ager Amazon Germany
!age Amazon Germany
!amazonin Amazon India
!amznin Amazon India
!a.in Amazon India
!amazon.in Amazon India
!amin Amazon India
!ain Amazon India
!amvid Amazon Instant Video
!a.it Amazon Italy
!kindle Amazon Kindle
!kindlecn Amazon Kindle China
!kindlejp Amazon Kindle Japan
!amazonmp3 Amazon MP3 Store
!amp3 Amazon MP3 Store
!amusic Amazon Music
!amazonmx Amazon Mexico
!amx Amazon Mexico
!amazonnl Amazon Dutch
!ao Amazon Orders
!apiv Amazon Prime Instant Video
!anow Amazon Prime Now
!pn Amazon Prime Now
!pnuk Amazon Prime Now UK
!app Amazon Prime Pantry
!primevideo Amazon Prime Video
!apvde Amazon Prime Video Germany
!primevideojp amazon prime Video Japan
!pnde Amazon PrimeNow German
!samde Amazon Smile
!smile Amazon Smile
!smam Amazon Smile
!ams Amazon Smile
!asm Amazon Smile
!as Amazon Smile
!smde Amazon Smile Germany
!asg Amazon Smile Germany
!smileuk Amazon Smile UK
!smamuk Amazon Smile UK
!amsuk Amazon Smile UK
!asmuk Amazon Smile UK
!asuk Amazon Smile UK
!asd Amazon Smile Germany
!sade Amazon Smile Germany
!aze Amazon Spain
!azuk Amazon UK
!kindleuk Amazon UK Kindle
!awd Amazon Warehouse Deals
!aws Amazon Web Services
!aca Amazon.ca
!amca Amazon.ca
!am.ca Amazon.ca
!amazonca Amazon.ca
!acn Amazon.cn
!amcn Amazon.cn
!amazoncn Amazon.cn
!ajl Amazon.co.jp
!amazonjp Amazon.co.jp
!amjp Amazon.co.jp
!ajp Amazon.co.jp
!a.uk Amazon.co.uk
!amuk Amazon.co.uk
!auk Amazon.co.uk
!amazonuk Amazon.co.uk
!amukmp3 Amazon.co.uk MP3
!buy Amazon.com
!books Amazon.com
!am Amazon.com
!aus Amazon.com
!amus Amazon.com
!price Amazon.com
!az Amazon.com
!amazon Amazon.com
!amazonorders Amazon.com Order History
!amau Amazon.com.au
!amazonau Amazon.com.au
!amazontr Amazon.com.tr
!a.de Amazon.de
!amznde Amazon.de
!amde Amazon.de
!amazon_de Amazon.de
!amademp3 Amazon.de
!amazonde Amazon.de
!ade Amazon.de
!amvidde Amazon.de Instant Video
!ades Amazon.de Smile
!aes Amazon.es
!amazones Amazon.es
!ames Amazon.es
!afr Amazon.fr
!amazonfr Amazon.fr
!amfr Amazon.fr
!ait Amazon.it
!amazon.it Amazon.it
!amazonit Amazon.it
!amit Amazon.it
!asde Amazon Smile Germany
!sauk Amazon Smile UK
!amc AMC TV
!amd AMD
!dox Amdocs
!ameblo Ameblo
!amegy Amegy Bank Careers
!amoeba Ameoba music
!atk America's Test Kitchen
!aclu American Civil Liberties Union
!acb American Custom Boxes
!aeo American Eagle Outfitters
!bing Bing
!gbooks Books.google.com
!duck.co Duck.co
!ddg DuckDuckGo
!ddgnl DuckDuckGo
!googlein Google India
!duckduckgo DuckDuckGo
!ddgde DuckDuckGo Germany
!dax DuckDuckGo
!es DuckDuckGo Spanish
!eb eBay
!ebay eBay
!e eBay
!ebseller eBay
!ebc eBay Canada
!ees eBay Spanish
!ebes eBay Spanish
!ebayes eBay Spanish
!e.au eBay Australia
!e.at eBay Austria
!e.de eBay Germany
!ebaykleinanzeigen eBay Kleinanzeigen
!eka eBay Kleinanzeigen
!klein eBay Kleinanzeigen
!ekac eBay Kleinanzeigen Aachen
!ekb eBay Kleinanzeigen Berlin
!ekh eBay Kleinanzeigen Hamburg
!ekl eBay Kleinanzeigen Leipzig
!em eBay Motors
!ebyrec eBay Records
!ebsold eBay Sold
!e.uk eBay UK
!ebayat eBay.at
!ebat eBay.at
!eat eBay.at
!ebbe eBay.be
!ebe eBay.be
!ebaybe eBay.be
!ebca eBay.ca
!eca eBay.ca
!ebayca eBay.ca
!ebaych eBay.ch
!ech eBay.ch
!ebch eBay.ch
!euk eBay.co.uk
!ebuk eBay.co.uk
!ebayuk eBay.co.uk
!ebau eBay.com.au
!ebayau eBay.com.au
!eau eBay.com.au
!ehk eBay.com.hk
!ebayhk eBay.com.hk
!ebhk eBay.com.hk
!emy eBay.com.my
!ebmy eBay.com.my
!ebaymy eBay.com.my
!esg eBay.com.sg
!ebaysg eBay.com.sg
!ebsg eBay.com.sg
!ebde eBay.de
!ebayde eBay.de
!ede eBay.de
!efr eBay.fr
!ebfr eBay.fr
!ebayfr eBay.fr
!ebaygr eBay.gr
!ebgr eBay.gr
!egr eBay.gr
!eie eBay.ie
!ebayie eBay.ie
!ebie eBay.ie
!ebayin eBay.in
!ebin eBay.in
!ein eBay.in
!eit eBay.it
!ebit eBay.it
!ebayit eBay.it
!ebaynl eBay.nl
!ebnl eBay.nl
!enl eBay.nl
!eph eBay.ph
!ebph eBay.ph
!ebayph eBay.ph
!epl eBay.pl
!ebpl eBay.pl
!ebaypl eBay.pl
!ceb eBay: completed listings
!ebookde eBook.de
!ebooki Ebooki.swiatczytnikow.pl
!ebrary Ebrary
!ebuyer eBuyer
!git-scm Git
!gitdocs Git Documentation
!eips Ethereum Improvement Proposals
!git Github
!ghuser GitHub Users
!ghr Github User
!gh GitHub
!ghcode Github Code Search
!ght Github - Trending
!ghc GitHub Code
!gist Github Gists
!githubhelp GitHub Help
!ghjs GitHub JavaScript Code Search
!ghp GitHub Private Search
!ghrepo GitHub Repo
!githubstars Github Stars
!ghtopic GitHub Topic
!ghus Github User
!ghio Github User Pages
!github GitHub
!gitignore Gitignore.io
!gitlab GitLab
!glab GitLab
!gmx Google
!google Google
!iurl Google
!glink Google
!gcro Google
!gy Google
!vg Google
!facephoto Google
!g2year Google Past 2 Years
!gsafe Google All & Safe
!gmob Google Mobile Site Viewer
!g24 Google Past 24h
!g6month Google Past 6 Months
!gday Google Past Day
!gmonth Google Past Month
!gweek Google Past Week
!gyear Google Past Year
!gaccess Google Accessible
!galerts Google Alerts
!gas Google American Samoa
!gbm Google Bookmarks
!gbk Google Bookmarks
!gb Google Books
!googlebooks Google Books
!cache Google Cache
!cached Google Cache
!cachedview Google Cached Pages
!gcal Google Calendar
!calendar Google Calendar
!ica Google Canada
!gcat Google Catalan
!gcp Google Cloud Platform
!gcs Google Cloud Search
!gcode Google Code
!contacts Google Contacts
!gcontact Google Contacts
!gc Google Contacts
!gck Google Cook Islands
!gci Google Cook Islands
!gcu Google Cuba
!gcultinst Google Cultural Institute
!gcy Google Cyprus
!data Google Dataset Search
!gdef Google Define
!gdevs Google Developers
!gd Google Docs
!gdocs Google Docs
!gview Google Docs Viewer
!gviewer Google Docs Viewer
!gdv Google Docs viewer
!gdoms Google Domains
!gdomains Google Domains
!gdoodle Google Doodles
!earth Google Earth
!gecuador Google Ecuador
!gec Google Ecuador
!gosv Google El Salvador
!googlesv Google El Salvador
!lucky Google Feeling Lucky
!gluck Google Feeling Lucky
!fl Google Feeling Lucky
!stock Google Finance
!gfinance Google Finance
!gf Google Finance
!gfi Google Finland
!gfl Google Flights
!gflights Google Flights
!gfont Google Font
!gfonts Google Fonts
!googlefonts Google Fonts
!gforums Google Forums
!gfr Google France
!googlefr Google France
!g.de Google Germany
!gg Google Groups
!ggroups Google Groups
!ggd Google Guadeloupe
!googleimg Google Image
!giurl Google Image
!gis Google Image Search
!imgrwm Google Image Search - Tagged for Reuse with Modification
!googleimages Google Images
!texture Google Images
!gimages Google Images
!gimg Google Images
!gi Google Images
!gim Google Images
!wallpaper Google Images
!ggif Google Images Animated
!gcc Google Images Commercial Reuse
!faces Google Images Faces
!gisoff Google Images Safe Off
!giau Google Images Australia
!gic Google Images Classic
!гк Google Images Russian
!giuk Google Images UK
!gin Google India
Google Israel
!gil Google Israel
!gitl Google Italy
!gj Google Japan
!googlejp Google Japan
!gjp Google Japan
!keep Google Keep
!google.kr Google Korea
!gkr Google Korea
!glatest Google Latest
!local Google Local
!glocal Google Local
!glu Google Luxembourg
!mail Google Mail
!hybrid Google Maps Hybrid
!gmtw Google Maps Taiwan
!gm Google Maps
!gmap Google Maps
!gmuk Google Maps
!googlemap Google Maps
!m Google Maps
!googlemaps Google Maps
!map Google Maps
!gmit Google Maps
!gmaps Google Maps
!maps Google Maps
!gmau Google Maps Australia
!gmat Google Maps Austria
!gmca Google Maps Canada
!gmcl Google Maps Chile
!gmc Google Maps Classic
!mapsr Google Maps Directions
!gmdir Google Maps Directions
!gmd Google Maps Directions With Two Addresses
!mapsfr Google Maps France
!gmil Google Maps Israel
!gmjp Google Maps Japan
!ml Google Maps Lite
!groute Google Maps Route
!route Google Maps Route
!mapsuk Google Maps UK
!gmusic Google Music
!gnz Google New Zealand
!gnews Google News
!gnus Google News
!gn Google News
!gnca Google News Canada
!gnm Google News Mobile
!newsarchive Google News Archive
!gnau Google News Australia
!gnat Google News Austria
!gnfr Google News French
!gnde Google News Germany
!gnit Google News Italian
!gnes Google News Spain
!gns Google News Spain
!gnse Google News Sweden
!gnuk Google News UK
!ngram Google Ngram Viewer
!ngrams Google Ngram Viewer
!ngramsde Google Ngram Viewer German
!ngr Google Ngrams
!gncr Google No Country Redirect
!gso Google Over StackOverflow
!pagespeed Google PageSpeed Insights
!ghour Google Past Hour Search
!gpat Google Patents
!patent Google Patents
!gph Google Philippines
!gphotos Google Photos
!gp Google Play
!play Google Play
!gpa Google Play Apps
!gpb Google Play Books
!gplaym Google Play Music
!gpmusic Google Play Music
!gpm Google Play Music
!gplay Google Play Store
!googleplay Google Play Store
!playstore Google Play Store
!g+ Google Plus
!gplusp Google Plus
!gplus Google Plus
!googlepl Google Poland
!googlept Google Portugal
!gps Google Product Search
!gdns Google Public DNS
!gri Google Reverse Image Search
!rgi Google Reverse Image Search
!gdiag Google Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page
!gsc Google Scholar
!gsch Google Scholar
!gscholar Google Scholar
!papers Google Scholar
!scholar Google Scholar
!googlescholar Google Scholar
!gschol Google Scholar
!legal Google Scholar - Legal Opinion Section
!gse Google SE
!g100en Google Search 100 English Results
!g100 Google Search 100 Results
!sbi Google Search by Image
!gv100en Google Search Verbatim 100 English Results
!gv100 Google Search Verbatim 100 Results
!gsheets Google Sheets
!shopping Google Shopping
!gshopping Google Shopping
!gs Google Shopping
!gsau Google Shopping Australia
!gs.es Google Shopping Spanish
!gsx Google Shopping Express
!gsit Google Shopping Italy
!gsuk Google Shopping UK
!gsus Google Shopping US
!gzc Google Simplified Chinese
!gslides Google Slides
!ges Google Spain
!gsheet Google Spreadsheets
!gsh Google Spreadsheets
!gspreadsheets Google Spreadsheets
!gapp Google Store
!gstore Google Store
!googlech Google Switzerland
!gsupport Google Support
!gman Google Support
!googlese Google Sweden
!gsv Google Swedish
!en2fr Google Traduction
!enhe Google translate
!deru Google Translate
!ja2en Google translate
!nlen Google translate
!srhu Google Translate
!gtrad Google Translate
!gtenfr Google Translate
!gt Google Translate
!de2fr Google Translate
!fr2de Google Translate
!entr Google Translate
!tr Google Translate
!ennl Google translate
!ruen Google Translate
!en2el Google Translate
!enru Google Translate
!gtranslate Google Translate
!en2zh Google Translate
!gt-nl-du google translate
!ar2en Google Translate
!en2ar Google Translate
!gaen Google Translate
!fien Google Translate
!ende Google Translate
!gtlanl Google Translate
!eoen Google translate
!nlde Google Translate
!svde Google Translate
!translate Google Translate
!enid Google Translate
!c2e Google Translate Czech-English
!e2c Google Translate English-Czech
!enpl Google Translate English-Polish
!sven Google Translate Swedish-English
!gttw Google Translate Taiwan
!ency Google Translate English-Welsh
!svpt Google Translate Swedish-Portuguese
!cyen Google Translate Welsh-English
!en2nl Google Translate English-Dutch
!hi2en Google Translate Hindi-English
!en2hi Google Translate English-Hindi
!enlt Google Translate English-Lithuanian
!en2tl Google Translate English-Tagalog
!enkr Google Translate English-Korean
!enar Google Translate English-Arabic
!frit Google Translate French-Italian
!geen Google Translate German-English
!ptes Google Translate Portuguese-Spanish
!espt Google Translate Spanish-Portuguese
!ten Google Translate to English
!trans Google Translate to English
!enfi Google Translate to Finnish
!gtjp Google Translate to Japanese
!gtkr Google Translate to Korean
!gtsp Google Translate to Spanish
!tes Google Translate to Spanish
!gturl Google Translate URL
!husr Google Translate: Hungarian to Serbian
!gtrends Google Trends
!trends Google Trends
!gtn Google Tunisia
!googletr Google Turkey
!guk Google UK
!googleuk Google UK
!g.uk Google UK
!gus Google US
!gvb Google Verbatim
!gv Google Video
!gvau Google Videos Australia
!voice Google Voice
!gvoice Google Voice
!gws Google WebStore XT
!gwp Google Wikipedia
!gssl Google with SSL
!gica Google.ca Image Search
!п Google.com
!dir Google.de Maps
!gifl Google: I'm Feeling Lucky
!fr2en Google Translate French-English
!mw Merriam-Webster Dictionary
!say Merriam-Webster Pronunciation
!mwl Merriam-Webster's Learner's Dictionary
!princetonreview Princeton Review
!princetonlib Princeton University Library
!pcat Princeton University Library Catalog
!printeera Printeera
!pf PrintFriendly
!pdfy PrintFriendly & PDF
!prisguide Prisguide.no
!pgno Prisguiden.no
!pj Prisjakt
!prisjakt Prisjakt
!pris Prisjakt
!pjno Prisjakt Norway
!pcs Pro Cycling Stats
!fbr Pro Football Reference
!ptr Pro Tool Reviews
!pfr Pro-football-reference.com
!probuilds Probuilds
!pbc Probuilds Champion
!vagssp ProCarManuals.com
!pnas Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
!proc Processing.org
!processing Processing.org
!procook ProCook
!producthunt Product Hunt
!ph Product Hunt
!prodhun Producthunt
!proff Proff
!profitopia Profitopia Help
!progarchives Prog Archives
!progaccess ProgAccess33
!pwv Programador Web Valencia
!programmableweb ProgrammableWeb
!prog Programmers.stackexchange.com
!pro Programmers.stackexchange.com
!ppcg Programming Puzzles & Code Golf Stack Exchange
!psimplified Programming Simplified
!progress Progress
!procomm Progress Community
!prc ProgressiveRC
!progrock Progrock archives
!projectgutenberg Project Gutenberg
!gutenberg Project Gutenberg
!pg Project Gutenberg
!honeypot Project Honey Pot
!imas Project [email protected] Wiki
!pmi Project Management Institute
!pmuse Project Muse
!wulfila Project Wulfila
!pzw Project Zomboid Wiki
!imaswiki Project-imas.com wiki
!pgde Project Gutenberg German
!pgfr Project Gutenberg French
!prom Prom
!promobit Promobit
!puid PRONOM technical registry The National Archives
!proof Proof Wiki
!proofwiki ProofWiki
!pdqtglobal ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global
!pdqtopen ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Open
!proshop Proshop
!pro7 ProSieben
!proav Prostor-av.com
!pdb Protein Data Bank
!toy ProTinkerToys.com
!protocentral Protocentral
!protocol Protocol
!protocolsio Protocols.io
!prdb ProtonDB
!ptn ProtonDB
!protondb ProtonDB
!protonmail ProtonMail
!silver Providentmetals.com
!provigo Provigo Grocery Store
!proz Proz.com Forums
!prusa Prusa Printers
!psddude PSDDude Photoshop Tutorials
!pao1 Pseudomonas Genome Database
!psi PSI Phonebook
!psiram Psiram
!psnprofiles PSN Profiles
!pso Psoriasis-Netz
!pspgen PSP GEN
!psprices PSPrices
!pste Pste.eu
!pnw psychonaut wiki
!psy PsychonautWiki
!psychonautwiki PsychonautWiki
!pwiki PsychonautWiki
!ptt PTT
!ptv PTV Victoria
!pubdev Pub.dev
!pubchem PubChem
!pubg Pubg Mobile Update
!publc PUBLC
!publicintelligence Public Intelligence
!pl Public Lab
!publico Publico
!voit Publicvoit
!www PublicWWW
!pch Publishers Clearing House
!publix Publix
!pubmed PubMed
!pm Pubmed
!pmid Pubmed
!pub Pubmed
!pmd Pubmed
!publabs PubMed Labs
!pubs Pubs Galore
!pucsp PUC-SP - Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo
!pmmm Puella Magi Madoka Magica Wiki
!pu PulseUniform - Nursing Uniforms, Medical Scrubs, Lab Coats and Accessories
!pumpbiz PumpBiz
!punctumbooks Punctum books
!puptype Puppet Docs
!puppet Puppet Forge
!puredata Pure Data
!purolator Purolator shipment tracking
!purplemath PurpleMath
!purs Pursuit
!pursuit Pursuit
!prpm Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu
!kamus Pusat Rujukan Persuratan Melayu
!poycp Put on Your Cake Pants
!padx Puzzle & Dragon Database
!pdx Puzzle & Dragons Database
!pad Puzzle & Dragons Wiki
!ypp Puzzle Pirates YPPedia
!puzzse Puzzling
!puzzles Puzzlopia
!pxhere Pxhere
!pygame Pygame
!pylm PyLint Messages
!pypi PyPI
!pypa Pypi.org
!pyqt PyQt
!pyqt5 PyQt5
!pyside PySide
!pyside2 Pyside2 Docs
!pyspark PySpark documentation
!wcme PySpark documentation
!python2 Python
!python Python
!py Python
!py27 Python 2.7.10 Documentation
!python3 Python 3
!py3k Python 3 Docs
!py35 Python 3.5 Documentation
!py36doc Python 3.6 Documentation
!bpo Python Bug Tracker
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!chicagotribune The Chicago Tribune
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!thecolumbian The Columbian
!cz The Complexity Zoo
!tcp The Conservative Papers
!conv The Conversation
!tcv The Conversation
!coppermind The Coppermind
!thecrag The Crag
!cri The Criterion Collection
!tcrf The Cutting Room Floor
!dpldocs The D Programming Language's Unofficial Docs
!dailycollegian The Daily Collegian
!psudc The Daily Collegian
!uwd The Daily of the University of Washington
!dallasnews The Dallas Morning News
!dsmrf The Des Moines Renaissance Faire
!dww The Doctor Who Wiki
!duckco The DuckDuckGo Community
!tec The Ecological Citizen
!economist The Economist
!teswiki The Elder Scrolls WIki
!arda The Encyclopedia of ARDA
!fashionmodeldirectory The Fashion Model Directory
!fmd The Fashion Model Directory
!fifthcity The Fifth City: Fallen London Lore Wikia
!tfes The Flat Earth Society forum
!f6 The FordSix Performance Forum
!tfd The Free Dictionary
!def The Free Dictionary
!d The Free Dictionary
!idioms The Free Dictionary
!thefreedictionary The Free Dictionary
!define The Free Dictionary
!dictionary The Free Dictionary
!tfdacronyms The Free Dictionary Acronyms
!tfdencyclopedia The Free Dictionary Encyclopedia
!tfdfinancial The Free Dictionary Financial Dictionary
!tfdidioms The Free Dictionary Idioms
!tfdlegal The Free Dictionary Legal Dictionary
!tfdmedical The Free Dictionary Medical Dictionary
!medical The Free Dictionary Medical
!freethesaurus The Free Dictionary Thesaurus
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!hindu The Hindu
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!thr The Hollywood Reporter
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!thp The Huffington Post
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!hak The Hydrogenaudio Knowledgebase
!hypem The Hype Machine
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!d20 The Hypertext d20 SRD
!srd The Hypertext d20 SRD
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!jgf The Jazz Guitar Forum
!jep The Journal of Economic Perspectives
!kolwiki The KoL Wiki
!kol The KoLwiki
!koherald The Korea Herald
!tlf The Ladies Finger
!tlh The Last Hunt
!lndb The Light Novel Database
!tldp The Linux Documentation Project
!ker The Linux Kernel Archives
!man7 The Linux man-pages project
!tli The Logical Indian
!lrb The London Review of Books
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!mvnrep The Maven Repository
!themighty The Mighty
!wisepick The Minds Journal
!modarchive The Mod Archive
!mh The Monster Hunter Wiki
!mhwiki The Monster Hunter Wiki
!moshville The Moshville Times
!mrqe The Movie Review Query Engine
!mldb The Music Lyrics Database
!tna The National Archives Discovery
!natpng The National Newspaper Papua New Guinea
!tns The Nerdy Student
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!nyto The New York Times Onion Service
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!quran The Noble Qur'an
!qur The Noble Qur'an
!nnd The Norwegian Nynorsk dictionary
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!nounproject The Noun Project
!noun The Noun Project
!tnp The Noun Project
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!mcw The Official Minecraft Wiki
!almanac The Old Farmer's Almanac
!osrsge The Old School Runescape Grand Exchange
!oeis The On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences
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!theonion The Onion
!seq The Online Encyclopedia Of Integer Sequences
!slang The Online Slang Dictionary
!posix The Open Group
!toa The Orange Alliance
!tph The Painted Heirloom
!parisreview The Paris Review
!psu The Pennsylvania State University
!tpc The People's Cube
!pd The People's Dictionary
!pi The Philadelphia Inquirer
!pplwiki The Plugin People Wiki
!poetry The Poetry Foundation
!poems The Poetry Foundation
!pfw The Portable Freeware Collection
!pfwc The Portable Freeware Collection
!portablefreeware The Portable Freeware Collection
!prdl The Post-Reformation Digital Library
!pragprog The Pragmatic Bookshelf
!rwiki The Reader Wiki
!trn The Real News
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!elreg The Register
!theregister The register
!revengerists The Revengerists Consortium of Stuff
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!rbtb The Ruby Toolbox
!rsge The RuneScape Grand Exchange
!rs The RuneScape Wiki
!crates The Rust community's crate host
!rustd The Rust Standard Library Documentation
!scidict The Science Dictionary
!spl The Seattle Public Library
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!thesession The Session
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!tsj The Singles Jukebox
!skepdic The Skeptic's Dictionary
!skinny The Skinny Confidential
!thesource The Source
!splc The Southern Poverty Law Center
!swdb The Spaghetti Western Database
!speccie The Spectator
!sporum The Sporum
!spriters The Spriters Resource
!spritersresource The Spriters Resource
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!tsr The Student Room
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!vault The Vault Fallout Wiki
!falloutlore The Vault Fallout Wiki
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!theverge The Verge
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